As of 22-July-2024, our old membership management system Tuurio is disabled and you can no longer access it.
Your information is saved and secured, of course. We are moving it now to a new system which will be operational in a few days. Once the transition has been completed, the instructions below will apply.

We are pleased that you want to join the club. We are now using EasyVerein for member management, which replaces its predecessor Tuurio, and we tried to make the change for you as easy as possible. If you want to learn more about the reasons for change then please click here.

  • If you had already registered with Tuurio, then we transferred your data to EasyVerein. Your registration name on EasyVerein is the email address with which you have already registered with Tuurio. When you log in to EasyVerein for the first time, click on “Request new password” to receive via email a link to set your password. Here you can access the EasyVerein member area.
  • If you have not yet registered with Tuurio and are not yet a member of the club, please register now via EasyVerein. We will review your information and approve your membership application as soon as possible. You can access the admission form in English here.

Membership information

  • The membership fee of €75 per year is due upon acceptance of the membership application and is usually collected in October via SEPA direct debit mandate.
  • Every child in the member family who attends high school can apply for a locker. You can find out more in the rules for using the locker.
  • Membership can be canceled with one month’s notice. Paid contributions will not be refunded.