Please pardon our mess!

Kristen Winkler and Buck Chisolm, your locker committee co-chairs, would like to welcome you and your child to the high school. At JFK being assigned your first locker is a BIG DEAL and we enjoy the excitement of the new 7th graders and wish to make this process as simple as possible.

The information on this page will help to ensure a smooth assignment of their locker. Please read carefully the information on our locker rules and then print out, sign and return the form to request a locker. Should you not find the information you need or have a question please send us a message at:

The ‘Grade 6 to 7 Transition Meeting’ will be held on February 25, 2020 at 1900 in the Big Aula. The locker committee will give a presentation which covers all the information given here. We will also be available to answer individual questions afterwards. Should you miss this event or need a form everything is available below.

To ensure your HS student is assigned their locker please do the following three steps.

  1. Read and accept the conditions outlined in the ‘Special Bulletin on Locker Use’. You may download/view a copy here:
  2. Parents should also read the ‘General Information for Parents’ a copy of which may be downloaded/viewed here:
  3. For all new 7th graders or any student NEW to JFKS you must complete an ‘Application for Locker Use‘. Download a copy here:

    This form needs to be signed by both the student AND parent and attests that you have read, understand and will abide by the ‘Special Bulletin on Locker Use’. If your child is currently in the 6th grade you should return this form to your 6th grade homeroom teacher, or, you may send it to us as an attachment at:

Important notes:

  1. The €10 lock deposit is ONLY to be given to the locker committee representative on Orientation Day. Do not pay this fee to your homeroom teacher or anyone else as you will have to pay us on Orientation Day and try and recover your money.
  2. If your family is not a current member of the Verein you may join online by going to:, or, you can complete a registration form and join on Orientation Day.
  3. After the school year begins if a problem arises then students need to contact Mr. David Krupski (American Assistant Principal) who will control the locker assignments during the school year.