Locker team – students and parents – on Orientation Day – 16 August 2019
What are they looking at?
Standing (L/R): Philina C., Ava B., Isabelle Cerden, and Benedikt W. (intently looking at the screen.)
Seated (L/R): Buck Chisolm (looking serious), Lynn Brinda (looking intrigued), and Kristen Winkler (looking happy – with a magnificent smile.)

We are excited to welcome our new 7th graders and new students and we are always happy to see the familiar faces of our 8th through 12th graders. We hope we can answer a lot of your questions here online. If there’s something still unclear, don’t hesitate to contact us at

For 7th graders and new students, please check out this special section including forms, introductory information, and required items: Incoming 7th Grade and all first-time HS students at JFK

For additional information, please see our FAQs or check out our General Information for Parents.

The Verein has gone digital! All members – new and old- are kindly requested to sign up with the Tuurio app by following the link below.

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  • MAY 15, 2023  – “Application for Locker Use” due over Google Forms. Ensure you have completed your Verein Member Registration in Tuurio. 
  • AUGUST 18, 2023 – Orientation Day, lockers distributed to 7th graders and new students
  • AUGUST 21-23, 2023 – 8th-12th grade (not new) students receive their locker assignment and combination from their homeroom teacher/Locker Committee. The Locker Committee will be present in the high school and available to take questions and resolve any issues.

Kristen Winkler, Locker Committee Chair