Newest lockers on 3rd floor

We look forward to welcoming the new 7th graders and new students to the high school!
Please follow these three simple steps to ensure your HS student is assigned a locker:

1.     Fill out and sign an ‘Application for Locker Use‘. 

  •  Please follow the instructions on the top of the form and have it signed by both student and parent. Don’t forget to add the parent’s email address.
  • By signing the application, you and your student are agreeing to the conditions outlined in the ‘Special Bulletin on Locker Use’.
  •  Return the application as an attachment to: (if not possible by email, please turn into your 6th grade homeroom teacher)

2.     Ensure your family is a member of the Verein.

For further information, please see ‘General Information for Parents

3.     EUR 10 Lock Deposit

  • Deposits will be collected on Orientation Day or the first days of school. Exact change is appreciated.
  • EUR 5 will be returned when students permanently leave the school (i.e. graduate).
  • Deposits should ONLY be paid to Locker Committee representatives and not to your homeroom teacher. Students will receive a written receipt once the deposit has been paid.

For further information please check out: ‘General Information for Parents’ and visit our FAQ page.

If problems arise during the school year, please have students contact Ms. Erin Hale (American Assistant HS Principal).