Request for Funding Form

Request for Funding form

Request for Funding FAQ

Constitution and by-laws

Verein Satzung (Deutsch)

Verein Constitution (English)

Guidelines for the President

Guidelines for the Vice President

Guidelines for the Treasurer

Guidelines for the Secretary

Guidelines for Voting Board Members at Large

Guidelines for Family Needs Committee

Guidelines for the Auditors

Form for Submission with your German Taxes to claim donations/dues

You may claim up to €300 in income tax deductions made to the Verein. If your donations exceed these amounts then request that the Verein provide you with a “Bestätigung über Geldzuwendungen/Mitgliedsbeitrag or Bestätigung über Sachzuwendungen”. Download the request form here.

High School Locker Forms

General Information for Parents about Lockers

Special Bulletin about Lockers

Application for a locker // School Year 2022-2023

Verein Meeting Minutes

To view minutes of meetings from 2012 to the present go here.