Your locker team on the First Day of School – 19 August 2019
Back row (L/R) Jacqui Bespolka, Isabelle Cerden, Terrance Oldani and Cassandra Heidler
Front row (L/R): Buck Chisolm, Kristen Winkler, Anne Talbot and Veronica Strange

Updated on 9 July 2021 for processing of new 7th graders and first-time upper classmen.

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about lockers. If you do not see the answer that you were seeking please drop us a note at:

Q. My child did not return an ‘Application for Locker Use’ or our family were not members of the Verein before school starts. Will my child be able to get a locker?

A. All incoming students will have a locker set aside for their use! This includes all current 6th graders who are transitioning to high school and all the new families who have been identified to us. If we need a form or confirmation that your family are current members of the Verein once this is received the locker will be released to the student. If you are new to the school and we were unaware of your attendance do not worry as each year we set aside an ample number of spare lockers to cover late arrivals.

Q. Our child is starting the 7th grade. When and how will they receive their locker assignment?

A. With the current hygiene plan we do not expect to see our new 7th grade classes until the first week of school. The exact date and time will be determined once we know the scheduling of their homeroom period.

Representatives of the locker committee will meet with each new class (07A, 07B. . ). At this time we make sure that all (1) the paperwork is in order, (2) your family are members of the Verein and (3) that a lock deposit has been received.

You child should bring €10 (exact change please) to be applied as a deposit on their lock. If not already returned your child should also bring a signed (by both a parent and student) copy of the ‘Application for Locker Use’ as we must have this form before we can accept their lock deposit.

Once everything is in order your child will be given their combination lock and we will accompany them to the locker and make sure that they are able to open their lock.

Q. Our student is new to JFK and is entering the 8th to 12th grade. What do we do to get them their locker?

A. If your child is entering the 8th – 12th grades we will plan to meet with them during the first few days of school. To speed things up be sure you have previously submitted their ‘Application for Locker Use’. If not submitted have them bring a signed copy to school and give to us along with their €10 lock deposit.

For new students (8th grade and up) their locker assignments and lock combinations are released after the processing noted above.

If anything is incomplete they will receive a note from their HR teacher detailing what needs to be done. Once all these items are resolved they can see the locker committee (see below) during the first few days of school and we will get them settled into their locker.

Q. We are not going to be able to attend Orientation Day (August 13th) how does our student get their locker? (NOTE: DISREGARD AS ORIENTATION DAY IS CANCELLED)

A. From Monday, August 16th through Tuesday, August 17th the locker committee will have a presence in the high school.

For any NEW 7th graders they should come to the locker committee table for processing as would have been done on Orientation Day.

For classes 8 to 12, unless your child receives take-home documents on the 1st day of school from their new HR teacher they can come and talk with us. If your child is given a note please ensure that all outstanding requirements are met and then the student should come to our table.

After August 18th your student can see the American Vice-Principal, Erin Hale, who will manage the lockers for the balance of the school year.

Q. Why does my student need to pay a €10 fee when they are first assigned their locker?

A. This one-time deposit has two purposes: While our combination locks are very high quality they do wear out. From the deposit €5 is allocated for the replacement of locks. The other €5 will be refunded to the student when they graduate from the 12th class or if you are leaving JFK for good.

IMPORTANT: The lock deposit is only to be given to a representative of the locker committee. DO NOT give this fee to your child’s 6th grade HR teacher as they will still have to pay it before issue of their locker and you will be responsible for tracking down the first payment.

Q. Is it possible to have the membership fee in the Verein waived?

A. If you family is receiving social assistance (Berliner Pass) simply write to us at the email address given at the top of this page. Include a PDF of your paperwork from the relevant social agency. We will get back to you.

If you are not receiving social assistance but your family finances are restrained or restricted, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the chair of a special committee that deals with situations such as this.

In all instances, all information shared with us is, and will remain, confidential.

Q. How can my student get assigned a top (or bottom) locker?

A. The assigned lockers change every year as the students progress through high school. When preparing for the new school year the initial assignment (top or bottom) is entirely random.

Should your child have a medical condition that limits their ability to kneel, bend or stoop, if you will provide the locker committee with a letter from the child’s orthopedic doctor they will be assigned a top locker. You can submit this letter to:

Q. You guys seem to be having so much fun. How can I volunteer to be on the locker committee?

A. We do have fun and lots of it!! Each year we have approximately 20 parents and 10 students who volunteer to assist. Parents are needed primarily on Orientation Day and the first few days of school. We also need parents in late June to assist in the final clean-out of the lockers.

Students, including incoming 7th graders, can volunteer when we deploy the locks throughout the school (early August). On Orientation Day we also need ten upperclassmen to help get the new 7th grade class settled into their lockers.

To inquire about becoming a volunteer and earning the the honor of wearing “our stunningly beautiful locker team tee” drop Kristen or Buck a note at: