‘The Society of Parents and Friends of the John F. Kennedy School Berlin’ is more commonly referred to simply as The Verein. This state-registered organization is run entirely by parent volunteers and was established in 1962 to support and encourage academic and infrastructural development in the JFKS community.

The Verein works closely with parents, staff and students to maintain and improve the school’s educational facilities and materials. Its activities are funded entirely by annual membership fees and fund-raising events which are held throughout the school year. Examples of these events include the annual Fun Run, Fun Day and Spooktacular.

Parent support is vital. Each membership contribution helps provide a learning environment in which the JFKS students can thrive and excel.


Here’s a list of some of the departments and activities the Verein supports as well as materials it provides for the student community:

Support to the School:

  • Music department (Upkeep and insurance of instruments) 
  • Sports department (purchase and maintenance of equipment)
  • Odyssey of the Mind
  • Chrome Books for HS and ES
  • BERMUN (Berlin Model United Nations)
  • Grants to the ES and HS libraries
  • Admin support for ES and HS offices
  • Class money for the ES
  • Disinfectant for the school
  • Grants to the HS departments
  • Mini job HS counselor 
  • 3rd grade science kits
  • Purchased masks for secretaries and approved the purchase of more such masks for high-risk teachers

Support to volunteer activities

  • Parent Newsletter
  • Grants to all official JFKS clubs
  • Regular subscription to the New York Times for the High School library
  • Financial support to BERMUN guest speaker

Support for events

  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Bicycle Traffic School
  • Transport costs for the 8th Grade Ski Trip
  • Lockers for High School students
  • Annual Thank You reception for all teachers
  • Organized and sponsored Halloween candy for all ES classes
  • Organized and sponsored coffee and baked goods for teachers before the fall break

Support to school facilities

  • Haus Reil renovation
  • Wooden deck next to Haus Reil
  • Outdoor wavy benches near the High School’s white building
  • Indoor benches in the High School’s blue building
  • Outdoor patio and awning behind the Aula


Are you already a member? If so The Verein is very grateful for your continued support. Please consider volunteering to help out with the various ongoing projects that take place. It is one of the easiest ways to get to know the school and our wonderful community! Anyone can help – you don’t need to be a parent rep. for your child’s class to do so.

Please come to a Verein meeting which are held monthly on campus. Click here to find the date of our next scheduled meeting.

If you are not yet a member you can learn more here. A family membership is 75€ per year and is tax-deductible.

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