The Society of Parents and Friends of the John-F-Kennedy-School of Berlin e.V. is a state-registered charitable organization committed to continuing the program of excellence at the JFKS.

We are proud of our 50-year history as an independant but integral part of the JFKS community, working closely with the administration, teachers and students to maintain the exceptional educational and cultural environment of JFKS.

The Verein was founded in 1962 shortly after the opening of the school by parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends of the JFKS as a private charitable organization. Since then its goal has been to support the excellent learning environment at the JFKS.

In order to supplement the school budget provided by the Berlin Senate, The Verein raises funds through membership fees and a variety of projects. These funds support the bilingual, bicultural and unique environment at JFKS, thereby preparing students for success in a global world.


Constitution of The Verein



The Verein supports the school and its academic curriculum with funds raised
through membership fees, donations and various projects The Verein organizes and supports, such as  

the JFKS shop, FunRun, FUN DAY, Spooktacular, the JFKS flea market and the supply kits for new parents.

We give to
each class,
various school departments,
individual projects and
school trips, Orientation Day, BERMUN, Odyssey of the Mind 

and much, much more…