The School Shop welcomes you for in-person shopping!

Hello JFKS Community!

As of September 2021, we are accepting appointments every Wednesday morning and afternoon. You can schedule an appointment through Calendly (in 15-minute increments) here:

You may also browse our current collection and then email Kim or Melissa with your order at

When ordering via email, you can choose to pay securely online before you pick up and we can have your order ready to go!

We have many specials and promotions that are not advertised on the website. Please look for periodic posts about the School Shop on the JFKS Parents Facebook Page (or ask a friend to keep you updated)!   

Our current School Shop Team consists of Kim Douglass (shop manager), Melissa Cattarius (former shop manager, longest-running shop volunteer and invaluable team member), Colette Rihane, Dominique Daniel and Cleia Ramsey.

Everyone who works in the School Shop is a volunteer and dedicates as much time as their schedule will allow to sell in the shop on Wednesdays, at Einschulung, concerts, graduation and other special events throughout the school year.

Our Shop Team also puts much time and care into displaying and marketing the JFKS merchandise, taking inventory, brainstorming and creating new designs and ordering new merchandise! If you are interested in volunteering your time in a fun and fulfilling setting, please contact Kim Douglass at schoolshop@theverein.

What is the school shop (and where may I find you)?

The School Shop was created by the JFKS Verein many years ago to help spread school spirit in our community.  We offer an array of merchandise including tees, hoodies, zoodies, library bags, caps, sweatpants, fleece blankets, mugs and much much more.

We order with as much environmental awareness and high quality as we can, including the brands Neutral and Earth Positive which both offer organic, fair trade sustainable products.

Our prices have an extremely small mark up and because we do offer periodic & holiday sales, the School Shop ends up breaking about even, plus/minus a small allowable margin.

The JFKS Verein School Shop is open most every Wednesday during the year. We are located straight back from the school entrance on the left of the ES front doors in Room R131a.  You’ll see in large letters JFKS SCHOOL SHOP in the windows.

We accept cash and cards (EC, credit and Apple Pay).

Entrance to the School Shop (R131a)

The School Shop Team hopes you’ll visit us soon! Email us: with any questions, we’ll be happy to help. 😊