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The Society of Parents and Friends of the John F. Kennedy School Berlin e.V. (THE VEREIN) is a registered, independent charitable organization dedicated to improving the quality of life and learning at JFKS. Supported by the membership of hundreds of JFKS families and friends, THE VEREIN has been in operation for over sixty years, in close cooperation with the school administration, teachers, and students to provide resources beyond Berlin-senate funding, ensuring that students at JFKS can learn and succeed in an exceptional educational environment.



In 2022/23, membership dues and donations combined with funds raised from THE VEREIN-sponsored events (such as the JFKS Flea Market and FUN DAY) have supported recent JFKS projects, including:

  • Zoom subscription for joint use by the Parent Council Board, committees, webinars for students/parents
  • Maintenance, management, and cleaning of lockers for high school students; cleaning of ES lockers
  • Chromebooks and IT support; big-screen TV; upgrade of sound and light equipment for the Drama and Music Department
  • Orff instruments/ukuleles, recording-software subscription for ES Music Department
  • Maintenance and insurance of all musical instruments
  • Materials for science activities including tie-dye equipment, Mystery Science subscription
  • New furniture for Haus Reil; equipment for Elementary School Teacher’s Lounge
  • Basketball Jerseys for school team
  • Anti-anxietyclasses for students during Final Exams
  • Food for Teacher’s Development Day and Teacher’s Appreciation Week
  • Subsidy for teacher’s professional development; gifts for new teachers and departing teachers
  • Sponsoring JFKS Choir joint concert with RIAS Kammerchor, cultural event for French Student Exchange
  • Subsiding of eigth-grade ski tripto Austria
  • Support of Berlin Model United Nations, Odyssey of the Mind, Scouts and all official JFKS clubs
  • New tool shed and installation for the school garden project, soil, apple tree
  • Supporting various receptions and community events (Career Day, Spectrum of Discrimination)


Are you already a member? If so The Verein is very grateful for your continued support. Please consider volunteering to help out with the various ongoing projects that take place. It is one of the easiest ways to get to know the school and our wonderful community! Anyone can help – you don’t need to be a parent rep. for your child’s class to do so.

Please come to a Verein meeting which are held monthly on campus. Click here to find the date of our next scheduled meeting.

We appreciate each and every one of our Verein members! Thank you!