You can help the school in two ways: by donating your time and/or by donating money.

Come to our meetings and find out how you can volunteer or click the button below. Or, even better: do both! There’s a thought, huh?




If you support The Verein of Parents and Friends of the John-F.-Kennedy-School Berlin e.V. with a donation you are entitled to deduct that amount from your taxes as a donation (if you pay taxes in Germany).

In case the amount of your donation did not succeed 200 € you can download the document linked below and hand it in with documentation of your donation, i.e. your bank account statement or a receipt. The documentation should reflect the purpose of payment as being a donation or a membership fee to the Verein.

Vereinfachter Zustellungsbescheid 2020

If your donation suceeds 200 € you will need a so called “Zuwendungsbestätigung” from The Verein which we will gladly make out to you if required. Just Contact us.