Tuurio is a desktop and mobile application that allows organizations like the Verein to manage communication, events, and information. The Verein leverages the use of this app in order to better accommodate the needs of our membership.

Our members appreciate receiving timely information about events and fundraising activities, and through Tuurio we are able to inform the community of the Verein’s success in achieving its mission statement to facilitate the best possible environment for our students and the JFKS community at large.

Managing your membership is easier than ever. You will be able to ensure that your family’s information is up to date, and this will subsequently make it easier for the board and volunteers of the Verein to manage our day-to-day activities. The app is available in both English and German.

Tuurio is based here in Berlin. All data is maintained in Germany and falls under GDPR data rules.

We are excited about this new tool, and excited to take you on this journey to improve our JFKS community.

Introducing Tuurio