The Society of Parents and Friends at the John F. Kennedy School Berlin e.V. (The Verein) is actively searching for enthusiastic and dedicated Verein members to join our board. If you are passionate about contributing to the Verein’s mission and wish to serve on the board, please get in touch: The election will take place on March 19th.

We encourage all interested candidates to attend the upcoming Verein meeting on February 20th, 2024, 7 pm, Aula, JFKS. In this meeting, the current board will share insights on the open positions, providing a valuable opportunity to unterstand the Verein’s operations.

The Board members propose ideas and help bring these ideas to plans as Verein activities and events. Board members are expected to attend the monthly meetings, and volunteer time each month to support the Verein.  The Board is comprised of eleven elected officers – four officers sitting on the Executive Office and seven Members-at-large.  All Board members serve two-year terms with the exception of the Auditors, who serve one-year term and are independent of the Board.  This is your opportunity to enhance the services that improve the quality of education at JFKS and take an active role in your community.

Eligibility:-  All Verein members with good standing are eligible to submit an application and stand for one of these elected positions.  If you are not already a Verein member, please register on  Tuurio Link.  Upon completion of the membership form, you will become eligible to volunteer as a member of the Board.  

In alignment with the spirit and statutes of the John F. Kennedy School, the Verein is dedicated to ensuring a balanced representation of German and American board members. Your active involvement is crucial in shaping the future of our association. We look forward to welcoming new members to the team.

Duties of the Board of Directors:

President – Please click here on the by-laws that guides the President.

Vice President – Please click here for the by-laws that guides the Vice President.

Treasurer- Please click here for the by-laws that guides the Treasurer.

Secretary – Please click here for the by-laws that guides the Secretary

At-Large Members – Please click here for the by-laws that guides the Members-at-large

Auditors – Please click here for the by-laws that guides the Auditors

Call for Candidates